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My Sunday nights are usually kinda boring, since I’m usually recovering from getting in at like 6 or 7am and there’s little action, event-wise.  I do, however, have a fairly normal schedule of DVR playback for Sundays.  This usually involves me doing every/anything important I can think of before about 10pm (for the sole purpose of avoiding commercials), then watching back all the Fox “Animation Domination” programming (don’t judge me), catching up with NBA highlights I missed over the weekend, and ending off with the epic awesomeness of River Monsters.

With the exception of Whale Wars (which I can’t stand), I have an (healthy?) obsession with Animal Planet.  For serious, if they hired me to do promo spots for their shows, I’m almost positive ratings would go up due to the sheer enthusiasm I’d have speaking about each show.  I’m sure these promos of mine would also include my eyes getting really big (something that I’m told happens when I’m extremely enthusiastic during a storytelling session), self-made sound effects, lots of talking with my hands, and possibly the use of various toy animals to reenact various scenes.  Seriously, holla at me Animal Planet — I got you.  Then again, they’re Animal Planet…so they really don’t need to do shit for promotion, since everything (again, with the exception of Whale Wars) is pretty much gold.

If anyone reading this is also a River Monsters fan, you may have noticed the “Monster Week” commercial that has been on rotation.  I finally decided to NOT skip past it this week and, while I’m disappointed next week’s 2-hour River Monsters is the season finale, this caught my eye:


If you’ve never seen Call of the Wildman, you’re seriously missing out.  Here’s the promo for the last season premier:

Seriously, if you don’t find that awesome, you’re either just a lame or never played outside as a child (which is a damn shame).

On another note, if you did catch the “Monster Week” spot on Animal Planet, what the fuck is up with this new show — Mermaids?  Y’all filmed all the real animals in the world already, AP?  I think not.  Get back to work.